Types of TMJ Treatment

Types of TMJ Treatment

Aug 01, 2020

The Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is common in middle-aged women (20 to 40 years) than men. The TMD cause is unknown, but several factors such as injury and arthritis.

The TMJ is found in both cheeks, and it helps us move the lower jaw when chewing, yawning, and speaking. Any damage to this joint can cause discomfort and the inability to use the jaw as intended.

Fortunately, TMJ pain is temporary and can be managed with home remedies. However, in severe cases, our dentist near Beverly Hills can combine a few therapies to ease the pain. TMJ surgery is done when all the other treatments have failed or severe damage to the joints.

What is TMD?

Although the terms TMD and TMJ are used interchangeably, they are different. TMJ is the hinge that connects the skull and the jaw, while TMD refers to the disorder affecting the jaw. The Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is not a specific disease, but a combination of jaw diseases that cause inflammation.

What Are the TMD Causes and Symptoms?

Various factors can trigger TMD, such as:

  • Grinding and clenching of the jaw or bruxism put a lot of pressure on the joint.
  • Anxiety, stress, anger, and depression tighten the facial muscles and the jaw. Furthermore, it can increase the clenching of the jaw.
  • Low levels of estrogen can cause jaw discomfort and pain
  • Wrong jaw position or jaw, arthritis, stress, and physiological factors are other factors that can cause TMJ pain.


The symptoms of TMD vary, but most people experience a clicking sound when opening and closing the jaw. You may also have pain, tenderness, and spasm when chewing. Some people have complained of jaw locking, difficulty opening the mouth wide, neck, and cheek pain.

What are the TMD Treatment Options

In most cases, TMD is mild, and the pain is temporary. This means that with a few home remedies, the pain can clear. However, at the time, jaw pain may be severe and warrant other forms of treatment. If you experience jaw stiffness or severe pain, get TMJ treatment near you immediately.

Some of the TMJ treatments that may be used in easing the pain include:

  1. Medication:

Pain relievers, Nonsteroidal Inflammatory Drugs, and muscle relaxants are some of the medications that may be recommended. At times, our dentist in Culver City, CA, may recommend antidepressants if stress and anxiety are contributing factors.

  1. Home Remedies

For mild pain, a switch in your diet can do the trick. Eat a soft diet until the pain clears, but at times the dentist may recommend you stay on the soft diet for a while longer. Soft foods do not require a lot of chewing and will give the jaw a rest. Furthermore, they help to reduce discomfort and pressure on the jaw. Foods like smoothies, eggs, mashed potatoes, soup, and fish are ideal.

Apart from diet, exercises are also needed to help in relaxing the jaw muscles. Several jaw exercises are available, and all offer different exercises. Visit the best TMJ specialist near you for more information on the stretching and exercises ideal for TMJ.

  1. Therapies

Physical therapies, such as oral splints and mouthguards, can be used to ease jaw pain. These oral splints keep the jaw open, but should not be used for the long term.

Moist heat and cold therapies can work effectively in relaxing muscles and ease swelling. Apply the ice packs on the cheeks to ease the pain, but only for 20 minutes.

Acupuncture therapy has also been used to reduce pain. The treatment involves The use of hair-thing needles to alleviate the tension.

  1. Surgery

If you have severe jaw pain or abnormalities on the jaw, surgery may be an ideal treatment. We have several types of surgeries, open-joint surgery, and injections. The dentist will give you information on the types of surgeries and choose the suitable one for you.

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Do not let the jaw pain get out of control, with the TMJ treatment therapies; you can ease the pain. Visit Toothopia Dental if you have any questions about the treatments and how they work.

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