The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

May 02, 2019

It is fair to say that most people want a bright, youthful smile. A healthy smile is a quick confidence booster. It can make you feel like a million bucks! So it’s good to be diligent about your daily oral care habits. Maybe your teeth aren’t as white as you would like them to be even though you avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, and limit sugary snacks. To achieve the perfect sparkling smile, you must keep up with regular Teeth Cleanings at Toothopia.

Regular Teeth Cleaning in Culver City

There are many reasons to visit your dentist in Culver City routinely. Here are the top four benefits of professional dental cleanings:

  • Gum Disease Prevention: If you fail to brush and floss properly, or if you don’t care for your teeth at all, you could develop gum disease. Signs of bad oral hygiene are bleeding, and swollen gums, and eventually tooth and bone loss. Regularly scheduled oral health checkups at Toothopia will help you avoid gum disease. At your six month visit, you will receive a professional teeth cleaning and a comprehensive dental exam.
  • Avoid Foul Breath Odor: Plaque, bacteria, and tartar buildup can cause bad breath odor. When it gets to this point, no amount of gum or mints will freshen your breath. You must fix the problem at the source. Routine dental cleanings in Culver City will ensure that breath odor will not be a chronic issue.
  • Detect and Treat Dental Concerns Early: Routine cleanings and exams allow your Culver City dentist to find issues early before they become bigger problems. These visits will save you pain and costly expenses in the future.

Dental Cleanings Near You

To maintain your overall health and avoid dental issues, keep up with regularly scheduled dental visits. Be sure to book professional teeth cleanings and exams at Toothopia for you and your family. We recommend visits every six months for optimal oral health. However, patients should discuss the frequency with their Culver City dentist. If a patient has one or more risk factors that lead to gum disease, then teeth cleaning may be needed more frequently. Call our Culver City dental office today!

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