Two-Phase Treatment

Two-Phase Treatment in Culver City

Two-Phase treatment is used by many dentists to ensure that children grow up with a healthy set of teeth. This treatment can help eliminate problems that the child may have in the future, reducing the need for dental procedures when permanent teeth grow in. It involves moving the child’s teeth using an appliance before permanent teeth have grown in. This can help ensure that there is enough room in the mouth for permanent teeth and can help with several other issues.

What Can Two-Phase Treatment Help With?

This treatment method can be used to help with several issues, such as:

  • Ensuring adequate space in the mouth for teeth
  • Reducing the likelihood that permanent teeth will need to be removed
  • Normalize the upper and lower jaw relationship
  • Intervene and eliminate bad habits, such as thumb sucking or swallowing abnormally
  • Prevent pressure that could damage teeth or move them in the wrong direction
  • Reduce the risk of upper front teeth being injured or knocked out

What Is Phase One of Treatment?

Phase One of the treatment will start when your child still has baby teeth remaining. Your dentist will use an appliance to make any changes to the teeth and their alignment that need to be made. In some cases, baby teeth will need to be removed from the mouth so that a spot for permanent teeth is cleared. After this treatment has been completed, there will be a short resting period that is determined by your dental professional.

What Is Phase Two of Treatment?

During the second phase of this treatment, your child’s permanent teeth should be mostly developed. The goal during this phase is to make sure that teeth function properly, the bite is healthy, and that molars are in the correct position in the mouth. If additional orthodontic treatment is needed, you can discuss this with your dentist.

This treatment gives children a chance at having a healthy and beautiful smile early in life. It’s excellent for children that may be at risk of developing orthodontic issues that will need to be treated in the future.

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