Tooth Extractions in Culver City, CA

A tooth extraction, also known as dental extraction or exodontia, removes a tooth from its socket. Tooth extractions are required for several reasons and are among the most common dental procedures. While they usually get a bad rap, dental extractions aren’t painful or complicated.

Our dentist administers local anesthesia during your tooth removal procedure to ensure you don’t feel any pain. Most extractions last several minutes, and you’ll only feel some pressure as the dentist loosens the tooth from its socket.

When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Nobody looks forward to losing a tooth. Unfortunately, there are instances when a tooth extraction is inevitable. Our dentist in Culver City will recommend a dental extraction if any of the below statements apply to you:

  • Your tooth is so severely damaged that it cannot be saved through root canal treatment.
  • Your teeth are crowded, and you need to start orthodontic treatment.
  • You have a milk tooth that is in the way of an erupting permanent tooth.
  • For patients undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplant, a tooth that poses a risk for infection may need to be removed.
  • If your teeth are loose due to gum disease, it is often necessary to remove these teeth before commencing periodontal treatment and teeth replacement.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Dental Extractions

There are two types of tooth extractions—simple or non-surgical tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. Simple extractions are done on teeth that have already erupted above the gum line, while surgical extractions are reserved for impacted teeth or teeth below the gum line.

During an extraction, our dentist begins by numbing the affected tooth and the surrounding area to ensure you don’t experience pain during the procedure. For non-surgical removal, the next step involves loosening the tooth using a dental elevator. Then the dentist grabs the tooth with a pair of forceps and gently pulls it until it comes out of the tooth socket.

Surgical extractions are slightly different in that the dentist needs to make an incision in the gum tissue to access the tooth.

Once the tooth is out, our dentist places gauze in the empty tooth socket to prevent excessive bleeding. You will also get detailed after-care instructions that you should follow carefully to ensure proper healing.

At Toothopia Dental, we understand that many patients struggle with dental anxiety during their dental appointments. We’ve intentionally created a space that feels safe, welcoming, and just like home. We prioritize your comfort and go to great lengths to ensure you feel relaxed during your time with us.

Don’t allow dental pain to get the best of you because you’re scared of the dentist’s office. Come to Toothopia Dental to experience compassionate, patient-centric care and virtually painless tooth extractions. We offer dental extraction services in Culver City, Beverly Hills, Palms, Cheviot Hill, Playa Vista, and nearby areas.

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