Sedation Dentistry

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If you feel uncomfortable visiting the dentist or having procedures done, you can speak with professionals at Toothopia. We provide premier treatment that allows patients to relax in the dental office and get the necessary treatment without any unnecessary stress. If you are a patient in Culver City, you can speak with a dental professional near you about sedation dentistry and how it can be used to make your dental experience more pleasant.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Dental professionals have been using sedation dentistry to make patients’ experience more comfortable for the last few years. Patients may want sedation for several reasons, such as to relieve any fear or anxiety when thinking of or to visit the dentist. It can be used to avoid missing dental appointments, allowing patients to relax on their way to the office and face the dentist with more confidence and less fear. If you get tense around the dentist, ask about sedation during your visit.

Types of Sedation

If you talk to a professional about your interest in sedation, you will learn about the different ways we can make you comfortable during your dental appointment. We provide several different kinds of sedation for patients, depending on what you need for your procedure. Some options for sedatives include:

  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas starts working just as quickly as it wears off, so you can get dental procedures done and return to your routine.
  • Oral sedatives: Sedatives are taken before your dental appointment. They typically take around an hour or so to start working. Patients will not be able to operate a vehicle to or from the appointment.
  • IV sedation: IV sedation puts you in lowered awareness or sleep. You will likely not remember any of your procedures and will need some time to recover before returning home.

If you’re interested in sedation options at Toothopia, contact a professional dentist in Culver City to speak with someone about oral sedation and how it can help you.

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