Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Culver City, CA

Many dental problems don’t require surgical intervention. However, there exist unique circumstances when oral surgery in Culver City, CA, may be necessary. For example, if you’ve lost your teeth and require dental implants, implant surgery becomes essential. If your jawbone has undergone bone atrophy, you will need additional surgery known as bone grafting to build up your bone density.

Toothopia Dental is a well-established dental practice with many years of experience serving residents of Culver City and beyond. Our board-certified oral surgeon is licensed to perform numerous oral surgical procedures and is highly skilled. Should you have a complex dental problem that requires oral surgery, Toothopia Dental is the dental practice to call.

Common Types of Oral Surgery

The type of oral surgery that you require depends on the dental problem that you’re experiencing. During your appointment, our Culver City dentist kicks off your consultation with a comprehensive evaluation to determine your unique needs. Usually, we require dental x-rays to get in-depth insights into your oral health. Our dentist uses the information gathered during your appointment to create a personalized treatment plan that adequately and comprehensively addresses your dental challenges.

Some common types of oral surgery include:

  • Surgical extractions, e.g., for impacted wisdom teeth
  • Dental implant surgery
  • Oral tissue biopsies to check for the presence of oral cancer
  • Minor jaw surgeries
  • Surgeries required for management of sleep apnea
  • Bone grafts

What to Expect for Oral Surgery

If you believe you can benefit from oral surgery near you, reach out to Toothopia Dental. We will schedule a consultation with you, during which our dentist will identify the best course of treatment.

We know that surgery can be terrifying for many people, and we work hard to ensure you feel safe and at ease during your time with us. Oral surgery may be offered under local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s needs and the assessment of our dentist.

For complex oral surgery procedures, we recommend arranging for someone to get you home safely, as you may not be alert enough to drive yourself. Always ensure you follow the after-care instructions given by our oral surgeon so you can heal correctly and on time.

Do you need oral surgery in Culver City, Beverly Hills, Palms, Cheviot Hill, Playa Vista, and nearby areas? Call Toothopia Dental today. We’re highly experienced, patient-centric, and compassionate, and our greatest satisfaction is to see you smiling again.

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