Gum Lift

Gum Lift in Culver City, CA

A gum lift, also known as gingivoplasty, gingival sculpting, and gum contouring, is a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping gum tissue. Gum lift improves the appearance of your gums, thus improving your smile’s overall aesthetics.

If you’re not particularly enthusiastic about how your gums look, especially if you have a gummy smile, you can get a gum lift in Culver City, CA, by contacting Toothopia Dental. Our board-certified oral surgeon is licensed to perform gum lift procedures and has many years of experience in the same.

When Do You Need Gum Reshaping?

Gum reshaping is usually an elective procedure—that is, it is optional, and you have a choice to undergo or forego the treatment. However, there are instances when our dentist in Culver City, CA, may recommend it as an essential procedure.

You may need gum contouring if:

  • If your gums are too high
  • If your gums are too low
  • If you have an uneven gum line
  • You have periodontal disease and require gum sculpting as part of the treatment package

What to Expect

We typically begin with a comprehensive evaluation during which our dentist near you obtains all crucial information regarding your oral health. Our dentist gathers these insights through visual inspection as well as dental x-rays. Armed with all essential info, our dentist determines whether a gum lift would be beneficial to your case. Gum contouring may be used as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a treatment plan that incorporates other procedures.

On the day of the gum sculpting procedure, our oral surgeon administers anesthesia to guarantee a pain-free experience. Next, the surgeon utilizes a soft-tissue laser to sculpt the gum tissue as required. Sometimes, a scalpel may be used in place of the laser. Sutures or stitches may be used to hold the newly-sculpted tissue in place.

Where a patient has undergone gum recession, gum recontouring involves ‘borrowing’ tissue from another part of the oral cavity, such as the roof of the mouth, and transferring this to the gums.

Gum lift surgery typically lasts one to two hours. The actual time varies depending on the amount of sculpting and extent of recontouring needed. After the procedure, it’s normal to experience some tenderness and discomfort. Our dentist in Culver City, CA, will recommend pain medication to relieve some of the pain that you may experience afterward. A cold compress or ice-pack will also help to manage your discomfort.

Gum lift surgery involves little downtime. However, complete healing typically requires days or weeks, depending on how extensive the surgery was.

Don’t let an unflattering gum line get in the way of your confidence. Contact Toothopia Dental if you’re looking for a reputable dental practice that offers gum lift near you.

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