How to Stay on Track with Your Kid’s Oral Care During COVID-19

How to Stay on Track with Your Kid’s Oral Care During COVID-19

Jul 01, 2020

Children thrive when put on a routine. It gives them comfort, knowing what will happen in their day. Establishing a routine is also good for instilling good habits like dental hygiene and promoting independence and self-confidence. However, with the ongoing pandemic caused by the COVID-19 breakout, even adults are finding it hard to stick to any particular routine. But considering that oral hygiene is a daily activity, caring for teeth is still important even as we navigate the pandemic. In fact, now that access to dental care is limited, parents should be paying more attention to their kid’s dental hygiene to avoid preventable illnesses.

Brush and Floss Daily

The dentist in Culver City at Toothopia Dental notes that brushing and flossing teeth properly every day is an important part of oral care. By ensuring your child practices these habits, you can help prevent them from tooth decay or gum disease.

The mouth consists is like an ecosystem, consisting of delicately balanced good and bad bacteria. Some bacteria feed on the food particles left in the mouth after eating, leading to the production of acids that can cause illnesses like tooth decay and gingivitis. The best tip to prevent these bacteria from thriving in the mouth is to properly brush and floss after each meal.

As a parent, you should be a role model and this means constantly putting effort to brush and floss after each meal so that your children understand its importance. Without the excitement and eagerness that comes with leaving the house, you may slack at these tasks but keep in mind that if you fail to do it, your children may not see the importance to do it either. So, whether you are leaving the house or not, ensure your children brush their teeth at least twice every day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime.

Call Your Dentist If You Have Any Concern

Although most pediatric dentists in Culver City may be operating on limited hours, this does not mean you should shy away from getting dental care for your children. If you notice any worrying sign like bleeding gums, a knocked-out, or a cracked tooth, make a point to contact your dentist for further advice. Give your dentist a call before you go to the clinic. This is a precaution you need to take to avoid crowding at the dental office and also to ensure that your case does really need medical intervention.

In efforts to prevent COVID-19 cross-infection, dental clinics are only providing essential or emergency dental care. They’re also receiving a limited number of patients and therefore if your child’s situation is not serious, treatment may be postponed to a later date. As of now, regular exams and cleanings services may not be available.

Still, Maintain A Healthy Diet

You need to continue providing your child with a healthy and balanced diet to ensure they are getting all nutrients necessary for promoting good dental health. Staying at home all day with your kids, ensuring they are learning, and still preparing their meals may be overwhelming, especially if you are not used to it. This should however not stop you from fixing healthy dishes. Consider it a long-term investment as you are setting a foundation for strong and healthy teeth that will help them avoid some dental problems even as adults.

During this time, your kids may want to snack regularly. So, instead of always stuffing them with acidic foods and processed sugars, go for healthier alternatives like fruits, milk, nuts, and yogurt. Avoid too many sweets and sodas.

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