Do Not Go Wrong With Dental Filling: Here Is What You Need To Know To Get It Right

Do Not Go Wrong With Dental Filling: Here Is What You Need To Know To Get It Right

Apr 01, 2020

You must have met different people with different dental filling types. They may not discuss it with you but if you ask, you will realize that filling comes in different forms. If you are looking to get a filling, you must be prepared by knowing what options are there for you after which you chose what works and is suitable for you. If you have a cavity on the front tooth, then you definitely need to get your teeth filled and that is why you should get prepared to make the right choice.

What is a dental filling?

When one damages their tooth by decay, the tooth loses its shape and its ability to perform its normal intended function. A filling is a form of sealing to restore the tooth to its rightful form. The procedure begins with the removal of the decayed part before extensive cleaning the area after which the defective part is filled with the desired dental filling material.

The filling material defines the available types of filing. The filling material determines the properties of the feel and the aesthetic look of the tooth after the procedure. It is thus imperative that there is no one filling type that is best for everyone. You have the latitude to choose the type of filling. This privilege is only beneficial if one is properly informed. Before visiting a dentist in Culver City CA, here are some aspects of the filling types that you should know.

Gold filling

Gold sounds wonderful especially as an accessory so before you jump to visit a dentist in Culver City CA, here is what you should know about gold filling.

For these filling, you will make an order in the laboratory after which it will be cemented in place. You may have the fillings for more than 20 years because of the non-corrosive nature of gold and its strength. In addition, the gum tissues tolerate its inlays so you should not expect any problem with the gums. However, you will have to make several trips to the dentists to have the right gold for your filling made and pay more because it is the most expensive of all the fillings.

Amalgam filling

The amalgam filling or silver filling is known for its resistance to wear for a good price. They are perfect if you desire something for long-term use but you are on a budget. However, compared to porcelain or composite, they are darker making them noticeable whenever you smile. You are therefore restricted to use them in areas that are not noticeable such as the back teeth if you mind heir distinct appearance.

Composite resin filling

Composite resin filling is sometimes referred to as plastic fillings. The best thing with these filling is that they can be matched to look like the color of your teeth such that they are not noticeable. Their application involves mixing the ingredients and filling the cavity that is to be filled. This filling chip or wear over time making them unsuitable for large fillings. In addition, they stain and you should not expect them to maintain their condition for a relatively long period compared to the other fillings.

Porcelain fillings

Your other options are porcelain fillings. Unlike another filling, these are inlays or onlays. To have them, you order from the lab after which they are developed to match your use of which you bond to your tooth. The good thing about these fillings is that you can match them to the color of your teeth such that they blend and they resist staining. It is impossible for others to notice the fillings. However, expect to pay as much as what you would have paid for gold for the procedure.

These are the options that you will have for the reconstruction of your teeth. The best options cost more while you can have a solution to match your budget. However, the most important thing is to consult widely with your dentist and understand the options that you have before making the decision that you will stay with for a long time.

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